Meet Western Digital New Powerhouse: HGST Ultrastar DC HC530 14TB HDD

In December 2017, Western Digital announced it a 14 TB, conventional magnetic recording hard drive which would be its highest capacity hard drive recording to date. Over two weeks ago, Western Digital released the HGST Ultra star DC HC530 which could store 14 TB of data with smooth, consistent readings due to its perpendicular magnetic recording and two-dimensional magnetic recording. Along with 267 MB/s sustained transfer rate that will be able to handle all of your enterprise server requ …
May 4th 2018 Hussein Ali
IoT is Changing IT

IoT is Changing IT

It should be noted first and foremost that IoT is changing everything. Industries, technologies, and even entire countries that don’t seem affected by this movement aren’t fully aware of the direction in which our hyper-connected digital world is going. But for now, maybe no professional industry has felt the biggest change from IoT then that of IT. From IT issues as varied as user access to server power supply, the rapid growth and depth of the IoT connectivity will challenge every aspect …
Mar 5th 2018 Hussein Ali
Review of the day: ST32000444SS SEAGATE 2TB SAS 7.2K 6GB LFF 3.5" HARD DRIVE

Review of the day: ST32000444SS SEAGATE 2TB SAS 7.2K 6GB LFF 3.5" HARD DRIVE

Creating a server to meet the demands of an individual's needs can be unique. One of the central components of any such build is a hard drive, and picking the right one is a crucial construction block to every server system. SAS hard drives and SATA hard drives often find themselves in direct competition in this sense, and they both have their pros and cons. For the HP ST32000444SS 2TB SAS hard drive, the pros pile up rather quickly.Whether brand new at a mere $60.00, or refurbished and g …
Feb 21st 2018 Hussein Ali
Review of the day:  IBM 2TB 7.2K 3G LFF SAS NL HARD DRIVE 42D0767

Review of the day: IBM 2TB 7.2K 3G LFF SAS NL HARD DRIVE 42D0767

Professionals can tell the difference between an elite product and one made for the average consumer. At TechnoDeals USA, we purchase products with high-level professional hardware users in mind. From our vast inventory, top-notch, real-time customer service to our easy shipment plans, we look to make life easier for those who have hardware needs.For the customer who needs a powerful SAS hard drive, the IBM 42D0767 features a whopping 2 TBs of capacity. As one of our strongest hard drives …
Feb 15th 2018 Hussein Ali
Reducing Memory Access Times With Caches

Reducing Memory Access Times With Caches

Cache memory is system memory which stores commonly used programs and communicates quickly with the processor. Cache memory is a crucial component to any high-functioning system, and one way to boast this is by reducing access times. Much of this stems from the ability to manipulate clock cycles, as well as a variety of other system interactions. The faster your server can access memory, the more responsive and productive it can be. The use of caches for access reduction times has some do …
Feb 12th 2018 Hussein Ali