High-Performance Processors from Intel, Compaq, and AMD

When it comes to building or upgrading a server or high-performance workstation, choosing the right processor is crucial. Processors designed for servers and professional use must offer reliability, multitasking capability, and superior performance. Here, we delve into five notable processors available at TechnoDeals USA, highlighting their key features and ideal use cases.

1. Intel Xeon E5-2667 v2 Eight Core (CM8063501287304) Processor SR19W

An eight-core processor built for demanding professional settings is the Intel Xeon E5-2667 v2. It has 16 threads thanks to Hyper-Threading technology, which makes managing demanding applications and multitasking effective. Applications at the enterprise level and high-performance computing are best suited for this CPU. Due to its strong performance and dependability, this processor is an excellent option for companies trying to optimize their server infrastructure.

2. Compaq Xeon 3.06GHz 533/512K Processor Kit DL360 G3 322472-B21

Specifically designed for the Compaq DL360 G3 server, this kit includes a Compaq Xeon 3.06GHz CPU. For older server models, it ensures their continued efficiency with stable performance. Small to medium-sized corporate applications and ageing server systems are the perfect fit for this CPU. It's also a great choice for companies who want to update and maintain their current infrastructure without having to completely redesign it.

3. Compaq 3.0GHz 2MB 800MHz DL360 G4 Processor Kit 380327-B21

This processor package, intended for the Compaq DL360 G4 server, has better performance than its predecessors thanks to a larger cache and a quicker bus speed. For companies that depend on DL360 G4 servers and require additional performance to manage contemporary workloads more efficiently, this processor is perfect.

4. Intel Xeon 12-Core E5-2695 v2 2.4GHz 30MB Processor (SR1BA)

Designed to handle the most demanding server and workstation applications, the Intel Xeon E5-2695 v2 is a high-performance CPU with 12 cores and 24 threads. This Intel processor is intended for virtualization, large-scale databases, and high-performance computing. Applications needing a lot of parallel processing power and memory access will benefit greatly from its high core count and huge cache.

5. AMD Opteron 875 2.2GHz 1MB DC Processor (392221-B21)

AMD's Opteron 875 is a dual-core processor designed to deliver dependable performance for workstations and servers, especially in multi-threaded settings. The AMD CPU is perfect for multi-threaded workloads, small business applications, and entry-level servers. This processor is intended for companies seeking an affordable answer to their entry-level server requirements.


Making the correct processor choice for your desktop or server is crucial to guaranteeing optimum efficiency and dependability. The CPUs from Intel, Compaq, and AMD that are mentioned here offer a variety of solutions to meet varied needs and budgets, whether you are upgrading to tackle more demanding jobs or keeping legacy systems. You can browse all the processors on our website. If you need advice on which one to go for, get in touch

Jun 26th 2024

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