Wait, what does that product condition actually mean?

Wait, what does that product condition actually mean?

As part of our goal to become the most transparent server parts shop, we want to make sure that we close any barrier of confusion that we tend to see with our products. The most common questions that I seem to find with our consumers is that they want to know "What is the condition of this product?" or "What Does New Grade A Pull mean?". So we a created a simple graphic to show the difference in all of our product condition variations. 


What's the meaning of refurbished server parts?

The products are previously used but, have been been professionally restored to be in working order by our vendors in which they have been inspected, cleaned, and repaired. All will be tested before being shipped to ensure that they are in perfect condition, and will come with our warranty to ensure that if anything is immediately wrong you will be issued a refund or replacement.

What are new and new bulk products?

New covers a couple things for us. When purchasing and the condition says "New" look for if the image has "Factory Sealed" on it. If it does you'll refer to the condition below for more clarification. If not then it's New Bulk. Meaning, that it has been removed from it's original packaging but has little to no hours on it and is in New condition. No cosmetic damage, in perfect working condition, and as mentioned before has little to no hours on it. 

Note: Hours mean the time that it's been used in a previous server. Little to no hours means that any hours that are on it are likely just from testing the drive to ensure it's still working.

What does it mean when server parts are factory sealed?

Factory Sealed means that it is in it's original packaging as it would come from the manufacturer in. Never opened and still New with the manufacturers warranty on it. These will all be brand new, not even we open them up for testing or inspection. The greatest condition you can buy, but it comes with a bigger price tag.

Oct 30th 2018 Brandon Faust

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