Hardware Industry - The challenges and opportunities

Hardware Industry - The challenges and opportunities

In 2021, the computer hardware market in the United States generated a total revenue of over 48.24 billion U.S. dollars. The majority of the revenue was generated through laptop sales. The Statista Consumer Market Outlook estimates the revenue across all segments will decrease until at least 2025.

Why has there been a decline in the hardware industry post Covid?

The answer to almost everything, Covid-19 put a halt to the supply and logistics. Another reason to this decline is the fear of recession, this has been a contributing factor to reduced demand whereby people are less likely to spend on personal computers and printers. Furthermore, as a result of hyper-inflation, major cuts have been happening in big companies which means there has been a delay in large tech purchases. This has had an inevitable effect of businesses selling server parts too.

The increased awareness on sustainability and the desire for reducing carbon footprint

There’s no surprises here that people are becoming increasingly aware of how technology is playing a part in increasing our carbon footprint. People are more aware in comparison on the importance of being environmentally friendly. Although technology doesn’t account for as much damage as mining and transportation industries – sustainability does remain at the forefront of many suppliers and customers. No doubt technology is the future as it allows is to go paperless but there will always be a risk of an some carbon footprint with technology which is effecting demand and supply.

The crisis in Ukraine effects gaming hardware and computers

Semiconductors can be found in many products such as computers, gaming hardware and also smartphones. The war in Ukraine has had a negative impact on the global supply chain. Ukrainian companies Ingas and Cryoin have been suppliers of chip but due to the war operations have closed.

However with some risks there’s an opportunity…

Hardware will remain relevant but is complicated to set-up

Irrespective of the risks that may exist, the fact is that technology is the present and the future. Having a device with excellent memory and super-fast speed matters more than ever. Every year, new releases are made to make the customers life a little more easier because needs change. This means there’s an opportunity in the hardware industry to continue to improve its outputs.

The demand for remote working

Hardware plays an integral role in the functioning of computers and laptops and with the increase in remote working in the past 2 years – it will continue to be the future. Mindsets have shifted almost instantly where managers and directors of organisations appreciate how work-life balance is important for the overall wellbeing and motivation of an employee. Therefore, an increased amount of people have been working from home. Technology is a large enabler in this and hardware sits at the heart of it.

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Dec 15th 2022

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