Five reason to buy your server parts at TechnoDealsUSA

Five reason to buy your server parts at TechnoDealsUSA

TechnodealsUSA; 13th year in this industry, with a lot of hard work and passion for Information Technology we’ve been able to very successful pushing server parts in almost every country.

It’s been a great pleasure, and I would like to share some our principles that we’ve kept since the beginning that has allowed us to build long-term relationships with customers.


We understand the lifespan of these drives that is between 3-4 years, and its part of the life cycle to refresh your server racks which are why our pricing analyst aims to price everything competitively but also be able to offer significant discounts on server parts for bulk purchases. As we sell server parts in scale and so we want to make sure that those savings add up exponentially. Our ultimate goal is that you get an ROI that leads you to think this is the place for me to go when I have to buy x amount of server parts.

Lead Time;

Servers crash; we see it all of the time from network problems, system overload, or even the worst overheating. We have the same day lead time, from the moment you purchase an order from our website and depending on your shipping conditions we can even get it to your overnight. So whenever an issue occurs you’re welcome to call during our work hours, email, chat, and we will go out of our way to make sure we get the right server part delivered to your location.


Every part at TechnoDealsUSA is tested, but we are transparent with our conditions instead of leaving it to vague terms that leave you dissatisfied if you want to read more click here. Along with a 90-day warranty, if anything goes wrong, we make the process as simple as possible for you to get the right server part or to get your money back.

Customer Service & Shipping;

When it was just our family business, the one thing that I established as a principle is we won’t ever break in our customer service. We have had significant relationships with IT Managers for over ten years because we’ll treat you with the same respect if you plan on buying one server parts to several hundred server parts. When you call us you will be talking to individuals who have an expertise in this industry to make sure they will give you exactly what you need.


We offer savings on our server parts in multiple ways from timely holiday to sales to weekly discounts with our newsletter. We are continually offering ways for you to save money on all server parts, so if you are looking for your #1 server shop to get you significant savings on sever parts. 

Jun 3rd 2018 Hussein Ali

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