A Comprehensive Comparison of Compaq Hard Drives

Choosing the right hard drive for your computing needs is crucial for optimal performance and reliability. In this comparison blog, we will analyze various Compaq and HP hard drives to help you make an informed decision based on factors such as capacity, speed, interface, and suitability for different applications.

1. Compaq 18.2GB PLUG W-ULTRA3 SCSI 15K HDD 189395-001 vs. Compaq 18.2GB PLUG W-ULTRA3 SCSI 15K HDD 188122-B22:

Both drives offer the same capacity and rotational speed (18.2GB, 15,000 RPM).

The only evident difference lies in their part numbers, suggesting potential variations in manufacturing or firmware. Users should refer to compatibility lists to ensure compatibility with their systems.

2. Compaq 400867-001 18.2GB Wide Ultra SCSI Pluggable Hard Drive vs. HP/Compaq 400739-B21 18.2GB Ultra SCSI-3 7.2K Hard Drive:

The 400867-001 drive features a Wide Ultra SCSI interface, which offers faster data transfer rates compared to the Ultra SCSI-3 interface of the 400739-B21 drive.

Irrespective of having a lower rotational speed (7,200 RPM), the 400739-B21 drive may be ideal for applications where energy efficiency and quieter operation are priorities.

3. Compaq 72.8GB 10K HOT PLUG SCSI HARD DRIVE 260755-002 vs. Compaq 72GB FIBER CHANNEL HARD DRIVE 15K 344666-002:

The former drive offers higher capacity (72.8GB) with a rotational speed of 10,000 RPM, making it perfect for applications that need large storage and average performance.

The latter drive offers a faster rotational speed (15,000 RPM) and utilizes a Fiber Channel interface, catering to high-performance computing environments demanding quick data access and throughput.

4. Compaq 40/80GB INTERNAL DLT TAPE DRIVE 154871-001:

Unlike traditional hard disk drives, this tape drive is constructed for data backup and archival purposes.

It offers a choice between 40GB and 80GB of uncompressed storage capacity, making it ideal for businesses that need reliable data backup solutions.

5. Compaq 177984-001 72GB ULTRA3 SCSI 10K 1.6" Pluggable Hard Drive vs. Compaq 142673-B22 18.2GB 10K RPM Wide Ultra 3 SCSI HS Hard Drive:

The 177984-001 drive provides more capacity (72GB) and utilizes an Ultra3 SCSI interface with a rotational speed of 10,000 RPM, which offers a balance between storage capacity and performance.

In contrast, the 142673-B22 drive features a smaller capacity (18.2GB) but maintains the same rotational speed and interface, catered for applications with less demanding storage requirements.

When selecting a hard disc, it's important to take its capacity, rotational speed, interface, and intended use into account. Compaq and HP have a wide selection of hard drives designed to satisfy different computing demands, regardless of your preference for high performance, lots of storage, or energy economy. Carefully consider your needs in order to get the hard disc that best suits your tastes and price range.

Apr 25th 2024

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