Server hard drives demand both performance and capacity. As the central hub of your computer network and the holder of such vital data, you cannot afford to have one that does not meet a high standard. Fortunately, with products such as the HP 411089-B22 hard drive, you can worry not. Hewlett-Packard is a dynastic computer brand trusted for decades in the creation of fantastic hardware, and the knowledge cultivated over those years is poured into the design and concept of the 411089-B22. Going with a quality top-of-the-shelf brand can often go a long way when purchasing computer hardware that you will rely on for years to come.

A third piece of the hard drive shopping checklist should also be considered along with performance and capacity: value. At TechnoDealsUSA, we understand this intuitively and factor it into every piece of equipment that we sell. This particular HP hard drive is currently going at an impressive $75; with discounts on bulk orders available (contact us via e-mail or phone for more information on these rates).

But value would mean nothing without technical capability. Some of the notable benchmarks of the 411089-B22 include:

  • 300 GB capacity, a capable amount for an array of computer usability

  • An ultra-HD 320 interface

  • Form factor at 3.5 inches

  • External data transfer rate at 320 MB/s

And technical sophistication, great value, and impressive capacities would mean nothing still if the server hard drive was not available. But our warehouse is deep, and our products consistently in stock. Because of this, we can offer expedited shipping (when needed) as well as on-demand international rates. Shipping is free in the United States on any order over $50.

When it comes to server hard drives, you can also get use out of refurbished versions. We offer these as well on the HP 411089-B22, and the discounts can be valuable. Our customer service hotline is open at 407-901-9118, for more information on products and services. Value, technology, and ease of purchase all in one central hub: those are our core values, and they are represented well with this drive.