SATA hard drives and SCSI hard drives have been in consumer competition for some time. But the truth is, for most general computer users, either can be rather successful as the engine of their system. With this in mind, consider the IBM 40K1025 SCSI hard drive for your computing needs. Built by one of the vanguard companies in the computer industry, and offered by TechnoDeals USA at a tremendous value, this can be a hard drive that powers your future.

Exceptional at both capacity and speed, SCSI hard drives tend to stand out primarily because of the speed by which they access data. Some drives have higher capacity numbers, to be sure, but many ultra-high capacity drivers may struggle a bit regarding performance. That will not be the case with the IBM 40K1025. Some additional details on the specifications of the unit:

  • 300 GB capacity (more than enough for most common uses)

  • 10000 RPM spindle rotational speed

  • Ultra-SCSI interface

This particular drive was built with data integrity in mind. A good fit when setting up servers, the 40K1025 melds performance and reliability (year after year after year). TechnoDeals USA offers our 1-year warranty on the unit, but IBM itself also has lifetime warranties on certain drives; purely out of confidence in their construction.

Additionally, we at TechnoDeals USA pride ourselves in the depth of our warehouse, and the availability of a wide array of products. The 40K1025 is currently available at a great value of $235.00 new, with refurbished units going much lower. There are bulk rates available and simply email us directly for quotes on these if needed. Our shipping rates and procedures are world-class (along with our customer service), and we can get you the hard drive you need the next day, if necessary.

Whether looking into a SCSI hard drive, or a SATA hard drive, stick with the experts at TechnoDeals USA. We have the knowledge, and the hardware, to make your computer systems run at their optimal level. The IBM 40K1025 continues this tradition. For more information on shipping rates or product information, feel free to contact our hotline anytime at 407-901-9118.