Used in nearly every facet of computing, and at the heart of your system, a well-built and professional server hard drive is key to most anything you do. From hefty memory to powerful performance, the requirements you may seek in a server hard drivesystem could vary. But quality and value are always overall selling points; the HP 411261-001 300GB SCSI hard drive hits both spots directly.

Created in the world-renowned labs of Hewlett-Packard, and tested thoroughly over the years, this vital piece of equipment can be relied on. It’s part of its very makeup. Data integrity is at the forefront of everything that HP builds, which suits hard drives well: there are few aspects of a long-running drive more significant than the capability to confidently hold and transfer information. The 411261-001 is also well-rounded in the systems that it is compatible with, and this drive will hum along with most typical systems.

But from the professional computer user to the every day, the specifications held within are formidable:

  • 300 GB capacity, giving great depth and a solid backdrop for your information system.

  • Ultra-320 SCSI interface

  • Spindle speed of 15000 RPM (per average).

  • External data transfer rate of 320 MB/s.

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HP hard drives have a particular durability about them that allows us to offer terrific warranties. This drive comes in at $75 brand new and adds to that a one-year, full replacement guarantee on hardware.

Server hard drives, in a modern technological world, can not be an afterthought. So go with the best in quality and craftsmanship, in the form of the HP 411261-001. And trust the hardware experts at TechnoDeals USA to get it to you at the right place and at the right time.