Hard drives are the heart by which your computer beats. From server hard drivesto the simpler unit made for a laptop, they are at the very root of all modern computers and systems. TechnoDeals USA offers the very best, as well as the most variety, in the drive spectrum. And one unit that ranks at the very top is the IBM 39R7312 SCSI hard drive.

IBM is a foundational company in the computer industry; it’s brand well-renowned amongst the community of both aficionados and regular computer users. Going with their hardware, imbued with decades of experience, is regarded as a wise choice.

SCSI hard drives are a particular and efficient type of drive. The acronym stands for Small Computer System Interface and is often referred to as a “scuzzy.” Concerning benefits to the user, SCSI hard drives (such as the IBM 39R7312) are known for their quick access and performance abilities. They are not usually the foundational pieces for a large data-heavy network (due to their lower capacity abilities, when compared to a SATA hard drive), but are terrific for smaller systems and users looking for speed over unfathomable depths of capacity.

This particular IBM drive also sports some pretty impressive overall product details:

  • 300 GB Capacity

  • An ultra-320 SCSI interface, useful for performance

  • A spindle speed of 10000 RPM

  • External data transfer rates that reliably measure 320 MB/s

Beyond the drive itself, you will also be getting the customer service that TechnoDealsUSA prides itself on: our hotline is available for any issues, and we offer a 1-year warranty on this particular drive. Also available are international shipping rates, and, if need be, options for next day delivery when ordered over the course of the common work week.

We often differentiate ourselves from the computer hardware competition with our prices, and the IBM 39R7312 SCSI hard drive is no different: currently available brand new for $200.00 (US). There are additional discounts available for bulk orders (contact us directly for more details).

So whether looking for server hard drives, or SCSI hard drives like the IBM 39R7312, we are the go to in online retailing. Contact us anytime for more information on our products and services.