Getting the right drive is more than just something to check off of the technological shopping list; it’s the engine that will end up driving your all-important computer systems for years to come. Purchasing a server hard drive is the 21st century equivalent of a sturdy horse in the centuries prior; reliability and performance are the keynotes. And as if to make things a little more complicated, there is still the matter of SAS versus an SATA hard drive that you may confront.

Simply put, as a new, everyday user, you really cannot go wrong with either form of the drive. And the HP 418373-010 146 GB SAS hard drive is a perfect example of this. Built with quality and durability in mind, this is a multi-purpose system created by some of the masters of the computer hardware world.

Hewlett-Packard is a benchmark brand, and their versatile drives are often the spot by which all others are judged. Over the years, they have proven to be incredibly reliable, making the one-year, full guarantee on this hard drive almost an afterthought.

This piece of equipment also comes with a hot swap tray. Professionals certainly know the importance of this piece of server hard drive gear, but for overall clarity, the benefit of having a hot swap tray comes from being able to remove the drive itself without having to shut down the computer. As esoteric as this may seem, it allows businesses to continue operations seamlessly in the event of any issue with the drive (or its information). Server hard drives with hot swap trays reduce downtime consistently.

And for a small business, this is a no minor advantage. Having a small hard drive with value allows for a growing business to have its outward facing online gears to appear as professional as those of any major organization. It also is a critical piece of backup technology in the event of (rare) drive failure.

For this particular HP server hard drive, only new variations are currently available (at a reasonable $125.00). We offer next day shipping as well as bulk purchase discounts (e-mail us directly for more information in this regard). We also have a dedicated customer service division ready to step in and assist regarding any installation or performance issues. Great products offered by a world-class computer hardware firm; our motto in a single sentence.