One of the most critical numbers to note in any server hard drive is the memory it can handle. The amount of RAM necessary will vary by the needs on your needs, and with that in mind, it’s important to put in bold terms the power by which the IBM 42D0652 2.5 inch SAS hard drive comes delivered with.

IBM has been innovating computer hardware for decades. Years of testing have gotten them to the point where they can deliver drives with the utmost in confidence for both durability and speed. With a 146 GB memory capacity, most clients will find that their server is more than sufficient in depth.

Along with memory comes the speed by which an SAS hard drive can operate. Most industry leaders now favor SAS drives to SATA drives.. Either way, having a hot-swap tray is vital to most server hard drives that are built for elite function. A hot-swap tray enables users to swap memory drives without shutting down or pausing previous systems.

Some other notable figures when looking at an IBM 450 hard drive:

  • 15,000 RPM spindle speed

  • A form factor of 2.5 inches

  • 146 GB storage capacity; enough for a majority of jobs, but not so overloaded that it slows SAS hard drives down.

  • An external data transfer rate of 600 MB/s

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