A server hard drive is much like a car engine, as it has the ability to propel you forward. With the right equipment, your small business can change from a low-fi operation, to one that matches world-class organizations in information quality and data security.

Picking the right kind can be a little tricky: as there is always at least some tradeoff between speed and reliability. That can also be said when choosing between a SATA or SAS hard drive. A model like IBM’s 42D0648 300GB SAS hard drive can make your choice an easy one as it blends data retention with exceptional access speed. Created by some of the leaders in computer hardware at IBM, and carefully vetted through years of testing and service, these are hard drives that are built to last.

With impressive specifications to boot, this is the type of server hard drive you can base an entire system around. This particular model comes with a highly coveted hot-swap tray, which allows for easy removal or installation without having to grind your entire server system to a halt. Some of the other notable points of interest with the IBM 42D0648 include:

  • A form factor of 2.5 inches

  • The aforementioned 300 GB drive capacity

  • 10,000 RPM spindle speed

  • An external transfer rate of 600 MB/s

To give you an extra sense of security this product comes with our full one-year money back warranty on parts and production. If you desire, we also have a refurbished version of this server hard drive at a discounted rate of $10.15! We have free ground delivery on orders over $50 as well as international or overnight shipping. As an added bonus our responsive and knowledgeable customer service staff are just a call, fax or message away from helping you fulfill your server hard drive order.

Server hard drives are right in IBM’s wheelhouse, as well as ours. From a deep inventory to next-level customer care, we are the online leaders that can help you in the pursuit of that perfect drive. To learn more about our products and services, contact us anytime at 407-901-9118 or online.