Century old companies are rare in almost any industry, and in computing, it’s practically unheard of. Such is the strength, however, of the products that have been churned out of the IBM laboratories over the decades. Fitting nicely into that history is server hard drives, and particularly, in this case, the IBM 42D0519.

Quality and durability are essential characteristics of any hard drive, especially when it is being used at the server level. But with this IBM drive, capability at some of the highest levels is its most notable calling card. SAS hard drives, known playfully in the industry as a “scuzzy,” run on an interface that produces tremendous speed and response. Usually, in 10000 or 15000 RPM specifications, the IBM 42D0519 boasts the muscular 15K variety of spin.

However, that’s not the only impressive feature that can be listed. This eye-popping drive has an assortment of impressive specs:

  • The 15000 RPM spindle speed mentioned above

  • A remarkable, and rare, 450 GB capacity

  • 300 MB/s of external transfer rate

  • The all important hot swap tray

Because of these imposing metrics, the IBM 42D0519  is considered a top-line server hard drive. At TechnoDeals USA, we offer it at a great value of $199.00 and can ship both next day as well as international. There is also bulk order discounts available (enquire with us via e-mail for exact rates).

Perhaps most impressively, because of the durability and quality of IBM hard drive builds, we also offer refurbished variations on the 42D0519 at a mere $13.93. These can be ideal for those building sprawling systems, or even with quicker jobs in mind.

From businesses to those with networks to manage, SAS hard drives are tools of the modern world. And drives with massive memory, such as server hard drivesandthe 450 MBs that power this IBM unit, are becoming more and more common. Data integrity is the key, and a reliable drive is the most straightforward step to being there consistently. For more information on our products and services, call us anytime at 407-901-9118.