One of the recent defining debates in the computer world stems from the divergence of thought on hard disk drive (HDD) and solid state drive (SSD) systems. Businesses have taken note of this debate as they rely on these server hard drives not only for performance, but also value. HDD and SDD can help a system in unique ways, but as the years have gone on, dramatic opinions backing either one have bubbled to the surface. So, just which hard drive is right for your business?

To answer that, you must first understand a few of the basic principles of each. Both are hard drives used to store and sort information, but the distinction between them comes in the physical way that they do this. SSDs work off of microchips and are an easier alternative to zip drives and USB sticks. They do not have any actual moving parts.

That last distinction is what sets them apart from HDDs. A hard disk drive is exactly that: a drive that writes information and memory with a real, mechanical arm. It’s an older-school form of memory technology, but even though it sounds outdated, it does indeed have its benefits.

Those benefits can really only be understood by defining what characteristics of a hard drive are most critical to your business. Is value at the top of your checklist? Memory capability? Performance? Once you’ve gotten a firm grip on these ideas, you can move quickly into the world of either SSDs or HDDs.

To be clear, though, the trend of the industry is moving firmly towards SSD systems. HDDs may never be completely phased out, as they have many uses, but it is pretty clear that SSD currently has the inside edge. That is primarily because of these key benefits of running an SSD:

  • Lower energy usage

  • Faster operating start-up time frames

  • Quiet operation, putting out minimal heat (important for server farms), and significant reduction in vibration

  • Improve file opening performance

  • They cannot be erased by magnet, as many HDDs actually can

With all that in mind, you may be asking, where exactly does the HDD have any edge? The simple answer: cost. SSDs are still much more expensive, and for those needing many server hard drives, or those just starting a business, this could be a benefit that is worth it. And the HDD may perform slower and use more energy, but it isn’t an abacus. HDDs are still remarkable drives systems that fall short of SSDs by very slim margins. For more information, contact us today at 407-901-9118.