A form of storage that seemed exotic just a few years ago is now completely ubiquitous: cloud-based technologies. The format backs up our phones, provides data space for millions of websites, and is thought of as the future of capacity. But what if something different were to take over as the go-to in memory and storage? A manufacturer named OWC thinks it has the solution in an eye-popping server hard drive that is coming available this summer: the Thunderbay 4 Mini.

There is no unified cloud, so juggling your accounts and information can be an annoyance for many businesses as well as individuals. The Thunderbay drive looks to end these quibbles with an astonishing all-encompassing capacity. It houses four solid-state-drives hidden in a box the size of a pencil sharpener; each with a 10TBs worth of memory that can combine seamlessly and provide 40 TBs in overall data storage.

With that amount of data, most small businesses would never have to concern themselves with cloud technology again. The catch? This cutting-edge unit is currently going for a nifty $28,000 (US).

OWC is not targeting the casual computer user with this level of technology (not to mention actual capacity and price). As a professional-grade hard drive, equipped with internal cooling fans and vibration dampeners (to make performance and reliability even higher), this is a next level unit meant to challenge the cloud industry and redefine the landscape.

And it goes beyond just the incredible amount of information the miniature sized drive can house; the performance specs are impressive as well. Just a few details from recent testing:

  • 294 megabytes per second during file writing

  • 841 megabytes per second reading data

  • A key lock for data

Devices like this probably aren’t going to be in your home anytime soon, but they do push the technology boundaries regarding hard drive capability and service. Server hard drives are increasingly being asked to carry huge burdens concerning data (from SCSI to SATA drives), and hardware will need to keep up. Perhaps the OWC Thunderbay 4 Mini is a step into the hard drive future and a challenge to the narrow cloud market. For more information on the drives that we offer, call anytime at 407-901-9118.