Performance driven and tuned for memory capacity, hard drives are the engine by which a great portion of our world runs off of. And some of the finest in the field are HP hard drives: built for everything from multi-national business to families and everyone in between. Their hardware is consistently ranked near the top concerning both capability and consistency. It is the reason the company is a decade's old stalwart of the technology industry.

In the HP ProLiant 397377-026 SATA hard drive, HP has continued its legacy of cutting edge hardware. Suitable for both building a network and simply constructing a new tower, this drive can deliver both speed and reliability.

SATA hard drives are known for their storage capacity, and this model meets that requirement quite handily: 2 TBs of memory capacity on 3 GB/s HDD. By creating a computer with memory needs beyond what you may currently have, you ensure a model that will work in any future scenario, and with any future application. There is some debate between SAS and SATA hard drives regarding performance and ability, but if you need something akin to a simple desktop for home use, you can’t go wrong either way.

You are certainly in good shape with HP 397377-026 SATA drive. Some other specifications on this particular well-regarded model:

  • An internal hard drive setting, with a hot swap tray enclosure

  • 7200 RPM spindle speed

  • External data transfer rate around 300 MB/s

  • 2 TB of memory capacity (as mentioned)

  • 3.5 form factor

TechnoDeals USA offers a combination of value, customer service and stock on all of our hardware and software. This unit is no different. With the HP hard drive, a bellwether in the industry, you’ll be getting a 1-year replacement warranty. And with our extensive stock, feel free to inquire about discounts in the case of bulk purchases. We also offer free ground delivery and, if necessary, a next day delivery service. The HP 397377-026 SATA drive is currently only available brand new, but also for an incredible price of $62.00 (USD). For more information on any of our products or general questions, always feel free to contact us anytime on our hotline at 407-901-9118.